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Hi! Great game, though, I'm stuck and looking for hints. I've hit two dead ends:

1) In the basement lab with the various creatures and soldiers. I've used the feather and vial in several combinations and I can't get the elevator to run or find any other way out, except...

2) I can get back to the vampire room and release the vampire but the door is locked in the seance room below the vampire room. I was already stuck here before I found the creature lab, so this isn't working on the way out either. Hints?

Try using just the feather or just the vial. should allow you to get to elevator undetected. 

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I can get to the elevator and press the button, but the character won't "board" the elevator. It's like the gap to get on the elevator is a wall.

not sure what u mean. Ill play the game and see if i can find what ur talkin about. Ill get back to you as soon as possible. 

Here's a video of what I mean, though, you can't "see" the problem because my toon just doesn't get on the elevator. Is there something I'm supposed to do to get on the elevator, or is this a possible bug?

Edition    Windows 10 Home

Version    20H2

Installed on    ‎4/‎13/‎2021

OS build    19042.1237

Experience    Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0

Oh man, sure looks like a bug. I dont know why it would block you. Ill be looking into it over the next few days and let u kno something else. Sorry for the inconvenience

I, for the life of me, cannot figure out the dollhouse. Got any hints? PLEASE?!

Move furniture and talk to dolls to fight them, after breaking the dolls, pick it up and throw it to the edge of the dollhouse where she would normally grab you.

Thanks for playin, hope u enjoy

Ok. Now I'm stuck after freeing the vampire. I have no idea where to go or what to do. I gave candy to the magic ball in the attic, and it gave me a code, but that doesn't work on the safe in the basement. The spiders also kill me when I try to put in the code.

use the code in the library

...What library?! Where the heck is that?

I should also mention I just now figured out how to cross the spike trap, and haven't found a lever anywhere.

check in the room on 2nd floor with the monster bangin his head against the wall for a key to the library

I'll do a let's play of this whenever I get money to buy it


Your game looks super neat, Great job! Are you interested in a co-op bundle? I recently finished an update for my game ([DIS] Assemble) and we are making a pre black friday bundle with another art asset pack

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To celebrate, I'm making SAMHAIN free! One day only, so snag this treat while you can!


Just downloaded this game today. I love the gameplay itself and its super creative and engaging. My only real complaint is that I cannot save at all and it is very frustrating having to replay the game repeatedly just to make any progress. Please look into the save mechanic. 


Oh mannn, i thought i fixed it.. anyways thanks for lettin me kno, im gonna find a fix for it right away. and, thanks for playin, glad ur enjoying it!


Big update, fixed alot of bugs, added stuff, and improved some cut scenes. thx to everyone for the support



I'm having a bit of trouble with getting Mr. A his head. I've tried to put every single pumpkin in the house on his head and it's not working. Do I have to light up the pumpkin that's not lit? Also, I noticed a little bug where whenever you put the box in front of the light so you can unlock the door you can walk around in the air a bit and get stuck. 

Hey thanks for lettin me kno. Ur supposed to use the pumpkin that aint lit up on Mr A, but the games super buggy. Idk why it wont work for u, im sorry. I will work to fix it tho

Thank you!! Just do your best on the game, it's super fun so far!

Fantastic game! The game does a great job creating atmosphere, 'awarding' players through exploration, and using fun + interesting puzzles. I had a great time playing this. Feel free to watch my play session below!

(btw, I had to play this a second time because OBS didn't record the audio on the first round. Regardless, it just shows how much I enjoyed it!)

Hey man, thanks for playin! I enjoyed ur video

:) :)

SAMHAIN v1.2 of the demo is out now. Adjusted game brightness and even added a brightness setting. Also fixed saving.


I gave the game a solid shot and the idea was solid. I just wish there was a bit of a "safe area" before actually getting into the thick of things. That and the fact that the lantern didn't light up far enough was a thing. But it's a solid start.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Hey man, thanks for playin! So apparently my screen brightness on my laptop is too high. Im gonna fix the games brightness according to ur video and reupload the game so people can actually see what theyre doin!

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